Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Dunno how to say many thing wanna tell feipoh dear o..but dunno how to start the conversation..jus wanna tell's lek theng wen not last time's theng wen anymore lor..last time "wang pang pang" geh tw now change a lot ad lor..not much but at least change a bit ad..won simply fat dear lan zha ad..hoho..i think dear can feel so,rite?last time,when dear go club o bar with other guy,feilou's heart will not feeling well..dunno is worry feipoh o feilou easy jealous leh..hoho..but my dear so pretty,cute n dan shun..feilou sure worry dear let ppl cheat lor..hmmm..dear know geh la..ppl say wat then dear listen listen listen then will easy let ppl phyco ad..not say dear stoopit o..jus sometimes we dunno wat bad thing that others ppl wanna do to us..dear un geh hor??hoho..

Dear this few month also very guai o..very less go out with other guys ad time oso come back taiping acc feilou..feilou very happy o..hoho..i know its very hard for a ppl to change their personality..but dear done it bcoz of feilou..i'm sure this time i din choose wrong person to walk togather with me in my life..

I know i'm not rich..but i promis feipoh,feilou will try my best to find more money to make dear own a princess's style room,changing room,bathroom,make up table,n much much more..but i know dear not so care feilou rich o poor,rite?hoho..i know dear love feilou not bcoz of feiou's money,rite?? feipoh y3an kh33 o.,muackszzz

Friday, April 24, 2009


刚刚根你通了电话,一开始当你知道我不爽时,真的会哄我。但是,讲多两句,很自然的就连你也有不爽的语气了。不是不给你参朋友,有需要那么晚回吗?对你来说可能是很早吧。。不想再讲了。。我知道你的朋友不爽我,对你来说 可能会很大压力 很难做。。那我呢?我也怕他们会在我背后说我坏话,又怕他们会搞什么小动作 搞到我们吵架。毕竟,在他们心目中,我是拆散你和你以前的男友的最飞祸首。我相信你,但是人总有脆弱的一面,加上你是很容易就相信朋友的人,我会不怕吗?还记得上次在MSN说我配不上你的那个人吗?为什么我会那么的生气?Because i not allow anyone to say our bad word to destroy our relation.Mayb you will think that's not a big deal..nonit care wat that guy say..but for me,wat he say is seriously make me angry..if u were him,will u say straighly?when u feel ur fren n her bf not so match,will u say in front of her?"hey..u so pretty..but ur bf...ur bf...erm...."normal only".mayb is me small gas i dowan say anymore..k la..that's all for today..oh ya..suddenly cannot write change to write english...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

1st t|m3

Don't know why suddenly feel like want to write a blog to release all my unhappy matter..maybe effected by my dear kua..People always say, "Always keep all the unhappy thing in your heart will make u suffer and more suffer.Try to tell your beloved about your problem and discuss with them.."But, if u having a problem with your beloved one, then how?That's why I created this blogspot to write all the grieved thing inside here..

Today, I saw an article that teach us how to test the stability of your love between you and your love one, and who love who more..Me and her already in love about 1 year++,so i think its time to give us a test..I purposely make her angry me, don't want answer my phone..Last time, she said she will "tam" back me although is my fault when we argue..I know, guys should "tam" it guy not a human?Is it that's only guy's responsibility?So, I take this chance to test her..but all bullshit..I fierce, she more fierce..Old man always say, "if you really love one person, it doesn't matter either is your fault or her fault, you will automatically "tam" back him/her..cause you want to see him/her happy,correct?"I used to told her,but I don't think she agree with me..

Actually, I really hope to call her and say sorry to her..I know is my fault..But, for the testanswer, the only thing I can do is wait until tomorrow..I hope she will call me and ask me not to angry her..Although i'm not angrying..but for sure..everybody like to "tam" by their beloved one like I do..

One of the reason I write this blog is to proof that I just want to test our stability, not to find argue, and not don't want to "tam" back her..I hope after she see this blog she will understand..

But one thing i regret after do the test is.....I MADE HER CRY......I know I shouldn't made you cry again..I'm dear..I promise you I'll do my best to protect you and make your tears drop with smiley face..and not with sadness...S..Y...K...I Love You..