Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Dunno how to say many thing wanna tell feipoh dear o..but dunno how to start the conversation..jus wanna tell's lek theng wen not last time's theng wen anymore lor..last time "wang pang pang" geh tw now change a lot ad lor..not much but at least change a bit ad..won simply fat dear lan zha ad..hoho..i think dear can feel so,rite?last time,when dear go club o bar with other guy,feilou's heart will not feeling well..dunno is worry feipoh o feilou easy jealous leh..hoho..but my dear so pretty,cute n dan shun..feilou sure worry dear let ppl cheat lor..hmmm..dear know geh la..ppl say wat then dear listen listen listen then will easy let ppl phyco ad..not say dear stoopit o..jus sometimes we dunno wat bad thing that others ppl wanna do to us..dear un geh hor??hoho..

Dear this few month also very guai o..very less go out with other guys ad time oso come back taiping acc feilou..feilou very happy o..hoho..i know its very hard for a ppl to change their personality..but dear done it bcoz of feilou..i'm sure this time i din choose wrong person to walk togather with me in my life..

I know i'm not rich..but i promis feipoh,feilou will try my best to find more money to make dear own a princess's style room,changing room,bathroom,make up table,n much much more..but i know dear not so care feilou rich o poor,rite?hoho..i know dear love feilou not bcoz of feiou's money,rite?? feipoh y3an kh33 o.,muackszzz

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